Social Media Marketing

Get Facebook Advertising that delivers profits, not just likes
We leverage Facebook Ads to find the right customers for your business (while delivering an excellent ROI on your ad spend)

We love Facebook Advertising

There’s no other service in the world with more users than Facebook. And with even more customer data than Google, Facebook can offer smarter targeting too.
As an advertising medium for businesses large and small, it’s super powerful. That’s because it allows you to:

As an advertising medium for businesses large and small, it’s super powerful. That’s because it allows you to:

- Save money by only targeting your exact type of customer
- Discover more people who are just like your existing customers, using Lookalike Audiences
Reach previous website visitors, keeping your brand on their mind for when they are ready to buy
- Access up to 15 MILLION Australian users (your ideal B2B or B2C customers are right here waiting for you)

Want to target hundreds or even thousands of your perfect customers?

Facebook is terrific (we all know that). But getting the right ads in front of the right people is where the challenge is.
That’s why so many Brisbane business owners and marketers come to see us. Our Digital Marketing team offers a complete ‘done for you’ Facebook Advertising agency service that delivers solid returns.

Here’s how to get a 2X, 5X or even 10X return on your ad spend:

  • Clarify your ideal customer
Get this right, and the sales will flow. In our initial setup stage, we get to know your perfect type of customer (age, gender, work, hobbies, interests, locations etc.) so that not a dollar is wasted on poorly targeted ads. Then we put our expertise into action…

  • Get professionally designed Facebook ads
Get professionally designed Facebook ads. Our team of copywriters, marketers, keyword researchers and designers create everything needed for your Facebook Ads campaign to have the best chance of success straight away.

  • Targeted to deliver maximum results
Using our customer research, we test different ad copy, designs and offers to see what works best. Only then do we go into full ‘campaign-mode’, knowing that you’ll get maximum returns for your ad spend.

  • Ongoing Facebook Ads Management
Managing your ads long term is the hardest part of any online ad campaign. Innovation is the key here – creating new ways of appealing to your audience so that your sales revenues continue to grow, while your individual acquisition costs drop.


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