Content writing

An effective content strategy creates leads & sales.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘content marketing’ and wondered, “what’s this all about, then?” In short, effective content marketing is the creation and distribution of a video, article or resource that gives value to potential customers. This content helps to build your brand awareness, without the need to be pushy or sell directly to prospects.

Used by leading brands right around the world, content marketing is an effective way to break through all of the marketing ‘noise’ and offer something of unique value to your customers. Well-crafted content both informs and entertains, and can expose your brand to large amounts of potential customers if you do it right.

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So, what is a good content marketing piece?

To put together an effective piece of content that resonates with customers and provides actual value, you need to understand your market and be able to step into their shoes for a moment.
What types of things are they searching for? How can you help them?

Example: Bob Cycle's

Bob runs a boutique cycling store in the Brisbane CBD. His clients are a very specialised group of riders who are happy to spend large amounts of money on high-end cycling equipment.  Bob creates a video series and publishes it on his website and on social media – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to educate his clients.

He makes videos on:

– How to fix punctures while on the road
– Identifying problems with your bikes early
– Changing your bike chain
– Wet weather riding tips

By creating a series of instructional videos, targeted to his customers and helping them solve their problems Bob has increased his engagement and helped to build trust and loyalty with his customers.

  • Provides value to your market

  • Can’t be found elsewhere
Excellent content marketing helps answer questions and provides valuable information that cannot easily be found anywhere else. This type of content enables you to stand out from your competitors.

  • Speaks to your audience
Understanding your audience and what drives them is critical to creating content that resonates and engages them to become followers and eventual customers.

We can help you deliver an effective content strategy.
Building an audience that turns into loyal followers and eventual customers takes work. Researching your market and customising content for your target is essential and something we have delivered for hundreds of clients over the past.


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